seo value

What’s the SEO Value? Short vs. Long-Tail Keywords

How do potential customers find your company? If you’re like many business-to-business organizations, you may have limited time when it comes to marketing your services or products. A marketing strategy that’s particularly important for B2B companies is search engine optimization, or SEO. However, SEO value isn’t achieved overnight. It can be more time-consuming and requires […]

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Web Scraping

A basic introduction to web scraping

Let’s assume that you need to extract the meta titles out of your competeitor’s blog posts. You can go to every web site individually, verify the HTML, find the title tag, then copy/paste that knowledge to wherever you wanted it (e.g. a spreadsheet). However, this may be very time-consuming and boring. That’s why it’s a lot simpler […]

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structured data

What is Structured Data? And Why Should You Implement It?

Google is fairly good at understanding the overall context of a website’s content material. First, “structured information” is a basic sentence that refers to any organized information that conforms to a certain format. It’s simply a website positioning factor: relational databases depend on structured information. SQL manages structured information. When a web site needs a chunk of content material – […]

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